This is the most important step.

Get a PERMANENT marker and label this blind #1 (or a room abreviation). This way you will know that when you started at your FIRST window this is where the blind went.

This is a great step to get a piece of paper and pen, and make any notes on this if you have anything wrong that needs to be fixed or repaired. Just write the window # down, and a description of the problem. We can typically fix some of the issues at the time of cleaning.

Please know that all blinds are made to fit each window specifically and there is no blind that will fit exactly back if you don’t do this step.

Remember we clean with water, so PLEASE don’t use tape, or a pen or anything that will come off with water. We recommend using a permanent marker. Make sure that you write on the headrail of the blind where the BRACKET closes and will covers your writing when reinstalled .

Now you will want to repeat these steps until you are done. As you will find out the first 2 windows will take you a little bit longer but it will get easier as you go.