Why do I want to buy from Rally’s?

That is a great question, first and foremost we like to meet you, so you can see who we are and what we are about. Here are some key things that we feel that are important to us as well.

We value you and your time.

  • If we are running late, we will notify you.

We value our customers.

  • We know that you can find anyone to sell you products.We don’t want to sell you products, we want to help you make a right and educated decision, so the decision is easy and one that you won’t regret down the road

We don’t sell on pressure,discounts, or limited time sales.

  • Again,it comes down to us treating you like we want to be treated.
  • We don’t like the pressure sales ourselves, so why would we do that to you?


  • We treat everyone with the same respect
  • We treat you like we want to be treated.
  • We won’t charge you more or less based on where you live
  • We fill that being honest is treating everyone the same even down to the price we offer.


  • We have many years of experience.
  • We have many years of experience.
  • We know the questions to ask to help guide you down the right path to the right product for you, your family and your home.
We are hopeful once you get to know us, you will become one of the many 5 star reviews that we have on the internet. You have to be honest and treat others with respect to get that many 5 star reviews.

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