What brands do you sell?

  • We have access to all the major brands in the industry but we have
    positioned our product offerings to find the right product and manufacture for your budget and needs.


  • You will see other blind companies showcase 5-12 different manufactures, they do this to lure you away to get a competitive bid. But as you do this, they will come in and beat our price, but 99% of the time, it will not be the same manufacture and or level of product.


  • Volume is KEY! The more you buy, the better prices you get. So, we WILL NOT do the same gimmicks as others. We have worked with many manufactures for many years, and we have determined and negotiated to with our 3 main suppliers. By doing this, we can get you the good, better and best products on the market.


  • Each manufacture has their strong suit, but they also just sell products to complete with all the other manufactures. So we know what these are and this is why we have 3 manufactures that we can pick and choose from.


  • Trust us and rely on us to meet with you. Let us help you choose the right product that will meet your design, functionality and most important your budget.

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