How do you compare to big box stores?

That has 2 answers:

In the box on the shelf blinds

  • They offer products that are called Faux wood blinds, they are plastic, and very cheap. They use a machine to cut down the width, then when you get home you have to shorten the blind by removing slats. Not as easy as you think

Custom Made Blinds

  • They will offer you a high-end price for a lower end manufacture. Just be careful make sure you understand the product and what they are offering. Then come to us, and we will spend the time to help you understand the difference and show you the major differences.
  • Also they charge a lot for measuring and install, so make sure you add that to your overall quote.

Will you match others prices?

  • Here is the biggest scam of all. You get a quote from someone, and they are the highest, but they say to you“Just show us their bid, and we will beat if by 5%”here are a few questions to ask your self


  • So I have to shop around and get the lowest bid, then you will match it?
  • Why are they so high then they will offer a great low price?
Do your really think they are going to match the product quality to quality, or are they just going to reduce the price, and sell you some thing that would cost them a lot less to buy.
To remain in business, you can’t give away products at that low of a price….How can they pay their bills, staff,insurance and get you a product that will have a warranty that the manufacturer will be around to service your needs if you do have issues.

Are you the cheapest around?

  • If you are looking for the cheapest price you can get, then NO we are not.


  • But if you are looking for a great value for the money and product, then we are the company for you!


  • To be the cheapest, its not easy. You have to focus on finding the cheapest product out there. Then you have to reduce your quality of service, find the cheapest installers and most important not offer a product that has any type of warranty that you can get when you need it.


  • To be the cheapest, you can’t offer the same level of product that others are doing.

Why do I want to buy from Rally’s?

That is a great question, first and foremost we like to meet you, so you can see who we are and what we are about. Here are some key things that we feel that are important to us as well.

We value you and your time.

  • If we are running late, we will notify you.

We value our customers.

  • We know that you can find anyone to sell you products.We don’t want to sell you products, we want to help you make a right and educated decision, so the decision is easy and one that you won’t regret down the road

We don’t sell on pressure,discounts, or limited time sales.

  • Again,it comes down to us treating you like we want to be treated.
  • We don’t like the pressure sales ourselves, so why would we do that to you?


  • We treat everyone with the same respect
  • We treat you like we want to be treated.
  • We won’t charge you more or less based on where you live
  • We fill that being honest is treating everyone the same even down to the price we offer.


  • We have many years of experience.
  • We have many years of experience.
  • We know the questions to ask to help guide you down the right path to the right product for you, your family and your home.
We are hopeful once you get to know us, you will become one of the many 5 star reviews that we have on the internet. You have to be honest and treat others with respect to get that many 5 star reviews.

Do you sell cheap 2” blinds?

  • This is a hard question to answer, the short answer is No, BUT if really compare apples to apples, quality to quality, we will have the best price upfront.


  • We don’t place price games. We don’t sell you a low end product for a high end price.


  • We educate you and help you understand what is on the market, and help you learn why one is better than the other.


  • So can we offer you a blind at $15 each, no…but do you really want that? Talk to us, let us help you through the learning process and allow us to teach you to find the best product for your needs and budget.

How long have you been in the industry?

  • My husband and I started in the blind business back in 1997 shortly after we got married.Since then we have grown a company to upwards of 14 employees all the way back down to 2 of us, after the fall in the housing and home market we got out.


  • We know feel that the market has stabled, and we have huge customer following so we have decided to get back into the swing of things.


  • The only difference now, is the I am the owner and operator, and work very closely with a few great representatives that we have selected to help us in helping you make your home a home!

What brands do you sell?

  • We have access to all the major brands in the industry but we have
    positioned our product offerings to find the right product and manufacture for your budget and needs.


  • You will see other blind companies showcase 5-12 different manufactures, they do this to lure you away to get a competitive bid. But as you do this, they will come in and beat our price, but 99% of the time, it will not be the same manufacture and or level of product.


  • Volume is KEY! The more you buy, the better prices you get. So, we WILL NOT do the same gimmicks as others. We have worked with many manufactures for many years, and we have determined and negotiated to with our 3 main suppliers. By doing this, we can get you the good, better and best products on the market.


  • Each manufacture has their strong suit, but they also just sell products to complete with all the other manufactures. So we know what these are and this is why we have 3 manufactures that we can pick and choose from.


  • Trust us and rely on us to meet with you. Let us help you choose the right product that will meet your design, functionality and most important your budget.

What types of window coverings do you offer?

  • The trends come and ago,but we are versed in the latest and greatest technology.


  • We offer a wide selection of window coverings, enough to make the decision process confusing for you.


  • This is why you want to work with us, we know the benefits of each product, so when we meet with you, we can ask you some simple questions that will help us determine what style and type of window coverings that would best suit your needs and most important to find the product you have seen on Pintrest and other social media platforms.

Our background

  • My husband and I started a window covering business back in 1997, and we sold Home Touch Window Coverings after the down turn. I have still been in the industry cleaning and servicing window coverings since then.


  • The difference now with Rally’s is that my husband has his job and I own and operate Rally’s Blinds Service and Design.I am in business not to be the biggest company around, but as you work with us you will experience a different level of customer service. We understand the industry, we understand the games others play but most important with this we offer the best overall value you can find in Utah. We don’t sell cheap stuff BUT we offer a great product at a similar prices as others selling lesser quality products.


  • Recently we felt it was a great time to get back into the Window Covering sales recently since we have a lot of customers that still reach out to us and is wanting us to help them again.


  • So, as you can see, we have had over 20 years in the industry. We know and understand the trends and needs of customers.