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We have been in the blind business since 1997. We have always focused on our customers as our success. We are proud as the owners that we are the ones doing all the work.

We guarantee that you will be happy with our work

If you give us the opportunity to help you in your blinds and shutters needs, you will soon be another satisfied customer of Rally’s Blinds Service & Design.

Our Service

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Extend the life of your blinds with professional blind cleaning, We use the best and latest technology to clean your window blinds in Utah. Save time and money with Rally’s Blinds.

Service and Repairs

Most of the time, we can repair your blinds in Utah instead of buying new ones saving you time and money. We offer a full range of common blind parts as well.


Spruce up any room. With our collection of products that we offer. We can help you find the latest styles and colors.


Rally’s Blinds Benefits

Expert Knowledge & Service

Since blinds and shutters are what we only passionate about, all of our design consultants are highly experienced ensuring that they will be able assist you with perfect window blinds and shutters in Utah, be it wood blinds to custom shutters.

Best Value to money

At Rally’s Blinds, we strive to satisfy our customers with the best of standards and results delivered. Since selling a blind is not our only priority but to make our customers happy, we give the right value to money.

Lifetime Warranty

Rally’s Blinds know you will get quality services because our team of industry-recognized professionals delivers A-grade results in fastest turnaround which is second to none! That’s why our products backed by a lifetime warranty.

If your search includes ‘blinds near me’ then Rally’s Blinds in Utah is the one-stop solution for all your blinds and shutters needs. Call us at 801-335-6500


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